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Happy Birthday Marisa !!! ;-)

Marisa Giancarla Thanks! Big 52 LOL 3 years ago

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Concept tests and communication experiments of old microcomputers
Ron Mendez added a new event 3 years ago

BBSing with old microcomputers

Let's try more general purpose retro network devices in the form of a Serial to WiFi modem / network adapter and classical RS232, with the...

  • Wednesday, 12 June 2019 08:00 PM
  • retrocrypta retrowiki

Hello lugdunon !!!
Let's see what I can do. Thank You

RetroCrypta. Atari Mega ST. QuadTOS + IDE...

Voy a ponerle una QuadTOS y un Interfaz IDE que @AtariSTFan me hizo llegar hace tiempo. Tendréis que echarme un cable con el audio. MUSICA DE...

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