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Marisa Giancarla created a new topic ' How do i update my server?' in the forum. 5 years ago

here's what i do:

shutdown your server.

grab repository.lugdunon.net/server/lugdunon-server.jar and replace your existing ~/bin/lugdunon-server.jar

if you want to start a world from scratch, delete everything in your ~/dat/{world}/ folder except for the world.cfg.

if you want to keep using that world, back it up first, then delete all of the ~/dat/{world}/etc/ files listed as altered EXCEPT the ones in the ~/dat/{world}/etc/instances/0 folder at wiki.lugdunon.net/w/index.php?title=Release_0.8.3

restart and watch it update the jars. you should be good to go.

given the placeable items updated in this release I would start a new world from scratch (first option), but the second option should mostly work for you.


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